Smart Receptionist

The smart and cost-effective solution to guide visitors on premises.

Wittykiosk provides a customized kiosk solution with advanced software that interacts with your visitors using conversational voice interface. It's easy to ask a question, get directions, or get connected with companies.

How does it work?

It is an kiosk-like device with voice control, touch screen, camera, speakers and ticket printer, that has been tailored for the use of big office centres.

Visitors can contact desired companies via full HD video calls and representatives can allow or deny access to the offices.

People also can ask information about toilets, lifts on premises/nearby cafes and restaurants, parking, etc.

And all of that is achieved using conversational voice interface - it is just like a real person. Also, there is a backup option to just use a touch-based menu to navigate the system.


Product Features

The product features state-of-the-art tech that makes it effortless to use

Voice recognition

The device has built in voice recognition and can be controlled via voice commands.

Face detection

Device can activate as soon as a camera detects a person facing/looking at the device.

Touch screen

Intuitive touch interface is also supported in case there is a need.

Video calls

Device can make full HD-quality video calls to office representatives.

Visitor control

If an office is equipped with entry gates, visitors can be issued with QR passes.

Ticket printer

Device can be equipped with a ticket printer and visitor will be issued physical entry ticket for entry and exit.


Device supports multiple languages.


The use of cloud allows us to easily issue updates and scale the service to your needs.


Instructions are spoken to the user using state of the art AI based technologies


Every installation is unique. Price is composed of hardware, a set-up fee to tailor our solution to your needs and a monthly maintenance fee.

The deployment will include multiple installations of the kiosk itself at the places like entrances. Also, your tenants will be provided with software to attend customers.


  • Kiosk hardware: from €4000 to €12000
  • Setup fee: from €2000 to €20000
  • Monthly fee: from €300 to €2000 a month

Please contact us for details.

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Wittykiosk specialises in conversational voice interface solutions. Wittykiosk operates from European Union (Lithuania). Our clients are usually big-property developers, municipalities that operate multiple offices that have several thousands of sq. m space each.

Executive Team

Aistis Raudys, CEO is a professor of Artificial Intelligence at Vilnius university where he teaches algorithmic trading and robotics. He holds a PhD in the field of artificial intelligence, and has spent almost 10 years working for Deutsche Bank, Societe Generale and other banks as quantitative researcher.

Tadas Šubonis, CTO has an MSc in Artificial Intelligence from University of Edinburgh. He is also a certified professional and a technical lead that has deployed multiple complex projects that were based on AI technologies.

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